Mothers Day

I waited a day because this isn’t always received well from people who are unable to accept anything other than surface level positivity.

Mother’s Day. Along side Christmas and many other monumental days is a challenging time. For me, there’s one thing that niggles at me the most. Not the fact I miss out on Sunday dinners, phone calls, general support, love and care that walked beside me for 27 years. Nor the fact I don’t know who to write on my emergency contact list. It’s not the fact I see others experiencing what I was stripped from. Or the gaping big hole in my heart I carry everyday- some days better than others.

It’s regret. It really irks me!

It’s the fact I could have shown my mum how much I loved her exponentially more. I want nothing else than to be given an opportunity to show her how much she was adored. As humans we naturally take people, places & things for granted. Best believe, I know. But this is a reminder that although you may not have experienced great loss- you’re responsible for how you treat others right now. This spreads to all relationships.

No one is exempt from feeling grief. Your life could be flipped on it’s ass tomorrow and I understand that’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s reality.

Love your people. Because nothing is more painful than living with regret.

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